Physiotherapy From a Certified Clinic


Eclipse Physiotherapy is an expert physiotherapy Langley bc who has 12 recommendations from satisfied clients in the area. This Physiotherapy clinic in Langley BC offers a range of services to help individuals cope with chronic pain and disability. Many individuals have found relief through the use of Bio-Energetic Techniques such as: Acupressure, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Massage and Bio-Cranial Spa Therapy. They also combine massage and physical therapy to develop a well-rounded program for individuals who are recovering from injury or surgery. These types of therapies are used to strengthen the whole body and improve movement of joints, tendons and ligaments, which reduce pain.

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Other therapies offered by Eclipse Physiotherapy include Applied Kinesiology, Applied Physiotherapy, Neurotherapy, Applied Kinesiology and Traction Control Therapy. Neurotherapy and Applied Physiotherapy (both neurotherapy and applied physiotherapy) can be beneficial to individuals who have experienced head trauma or mild to severe pain and weakness. They help individuals increase their strength, endurance and flexibility by targeting tight and weak muscles. Techniques used in Neurotherapy and Applied Physiotherapy can be used on their own or in combination with each other to help patients regain function after an injury or surgery. The techniques use movement based therapies to help patients recover more quickly and resume daily activities.

Patients who are interested in physiotherapy from this clinic should schedule an appointment to meet with a therapist to discuss their injury or disease so that they can receive treatment and learn more about the methods of therapy that are offered. The therapist will help the patient to determine if they are a good candidate for physiotherapy or other treatments offered. If so, then the therapy will be provided by the clinic. For more information regarding this therapy and to schedule an appointment, a client may contact the clinic directly or speak to their Physiotherapy Referral Team. Individuals who have been referred to this clinic are encouraged to meet with the professionals at the clinic to determine if they feel more comfortable receiving treatment through this trained professional.