How Architects Make the World Larger and Better


Architectural engineers are professionals who create structures using technical skills to bring about functional and aesthetic qualities of a building. It may be an office building or a residential home but in both cases, the architects share a vision of beauty, strength, durability and comfort for all those who use them. Architectural engineering includes mechanical, structural and architectural principles and practices for creating a safe and functional building. A professional architectural engineer plans the layout and determines the details of the structure, often in scale model form. The basic purpose of architectural engineering is to design and construct buildings, parks, airports, railway stations and other such structures. visit website for more information.

Different Types of Architecture

To practice architecture mean to give services in relation to the design and the planning of the structure and its surroundings, which have human occupation or usage as their primary purpose. An architect practicing architecture must possess scientific knowledge of the physical sciences and the creative spirit of artistic expression. In the field of civil engineering, architects apply the knowledge of engineering physics, geology, building science, structural mathematics and building economics. They also develop various methods to ensure the sustainability of a structure. There are many different types of architecture, such as Gothic architecture, Baroque architecture, Colonial architecture, Post-colonial architecture, Modernist architecture, Georgian architecture and Post-modernist architecture.

Architectural engineers often use computers to design and program complex computer-controlled machines to build, design and construct a variety of structures. The modern applications of building design software include building assembly systems, floor plans, envelope forms, facade details, roof trusses, detailed exterior and interior lighting, landscaping, massing, painting, windows, doors and interior finishes, floor slab forms and piers. Some of the most popular applications of architectural designing software are AutoCAD, Envelope Planning, CAD Appliance Design Professional, AutoCAD WYSIWYG Builder, FieldCentrix, OmniWare TurboCAD, Prosteel MapleStory Builder, and Windows FrontPage. Architectural engineers often combine their knowledge with computer hardware and software to design and construct buildings, bridges, malls and private properties.

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