Omaha Nebraska Warehouse


If you’re considering investing in industrial property, Omaha Nebraska Warehouse is a good choice. Located in a west Omaha suburb, the 40,500-square-foot property is well-suited for shippers. The warehouse building offers five drive-in doors and is fully leased to two strong tenants. The current lease terms are below market value, but the building will be worth more than its asking price when completed in 2020. The building’s location and size make it a good option for investors.

Designed For the 21st Century

The modern-day warehouses are 31-foot-clear single-stories with man up pickers and bar code scanners. With the help of the internet, customers’ orders are processed via EDI, and fast-turning inventories are updated in real-time. This modern warehouse is expected to be fully operational in early 2019. The new facility is expected to employ hundreds of workers. While the warehouse will be adding new jobs to the area, the city is still focused on improving traffic flow and extending 10th Street south.

The Omaha Nebraska Warehouse is designed for the 21st century. It’s a single-story, 31-foot-clear facility with narrow aisle racking, bar code scanners, and man up pickers. The Internet and EDI technology are used to send customer orders to warehouses. Fast-turning inventories are updated in real time, allowing employees to respond to changes in demand before inventory runs out. And because of the new technology, warehouse employees will be able to work from anywhere.

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