Private Jet Rental – Is it Right For You?


Flying on a private jet rental can be even more cost-efficient than you believe. You have a number of options to choose from; flying during business or pleasure hours, using one aircraft, chartering an aircraft for a large party, Melissa Tomkiel renting a single jet for a one-day trip, or getting a small jet and a small aircraft charter. There are also charter rates for chartered flights to New York City or other major destinations. While you’re looking at chartering a plane, call the National Air Traveler’s Association and check with your local chamber of commerce to see if there are any fly-in only clubs that provide discounted rates on plane tickets.

Why Private Jet Rental is the Number One Choice For Business Travel?

Chartering a plane allows you to set your own schedule and not have to follow a rigid schedule that’s set by a scheduling agency or another private company. Fly on your own schedule, arrive at your destination on time, without all the hassles that come with commercial airline travel. You can also save money by avoiding the fees required by low-cost private jet service providers. Passengers can pay an hourly or per-flight fee that includes fuel, insurance, taxes, pilots, and other miscellaneous fees, which can add up to five to ten percent of the total flight cost. If passengers fly at night, they may be required to wear earphones in order to hear conversations over loud noises from other aircraft, which could increase the plane’s fuel costs and reduce its overall efficiency.

You can avoid jet lag by taking charter flights to airports near major metropolitan areas, which are closer to the places you want to visit. Some people even prefer to stay away from the hub city when traveling to other places. If you have to fly out of a hub city because there is no direct flights to the destination you want to visit, you can always call a direct charter flight company to find out if there are any flights going to the location you desire. Chances are the answer will be yes. Charter flights can also be purchased based upon the number of passengers who will be traveling.

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